Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Staff and Behavioral Health Manager, Lioudmila Reinikainen, LPCC, Substance Abuse Counselor, and contract Clinical Psychologists.

The Health Center provides Child Protective Services and Family Preservation Services, Substance Abuse counseling, and mental health counseling for community members.

Services include individual and couple’s counseling, services for depression, anxiety, and grief among other mental health needs.  Social Services locates resources for needy families, addresses child and elder abuse issues, has group meetings for children in crisis and a variety of other services.

Behavioral Health provides an After Care Program which focuses on recovery skills for addiction, the recognition of drug addiction triggers, and skills needed to support recovery.  The Aftercare Program also educates addicts regarding unhealthy patterns in behavior.

Along with the After Care Program a Family Education Group session provides services to family members while their loved one is in rehab or has returned to the community from attending treatment.  They participate in learning about identifying relapse behavior, effectively communicating their concerns, knowing what to do in case of a relapse and understanding the difference between enabling and love.  AA Meetings are held weekly.

ICWA Program works to promote prevention in the areas of child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence and has parenting classes.  The Child Abuse Prevention Fair is held during Child Abuse prevention month.