Welcome to the Sandia Pueblo 2017 Summer Activities Page

Here is an overview of our recent 2017 Internship Week here at Sandia!

Your internship is finally here! We have been looking forward to getting know you and educate you about various departments here at Sandia.  These departments are all different, but each has a huge role in the success of Sandia. We know you will have a great time learning, working, and networking!

Today’s Schedule!

Human Resources

(8:00am-8:30am) Welcome from Governor Montoya
(8:30am-9:00am) Welcome & Introductions, Santiago Montoya
(9:00am-9:15am) Break
(9:15am- 10:00am) Badging, HR Administration
(10:00am-12:00pm) CBL Training, Training Team
(12:00pm-12:15pm) Transportation to Hotel Valet Entrance from HR Center
(12:15pm-1:15pm) Lunch in EDR
(1:15pm-2:15pm) Uniform fitting, Robert Romero
(2:15pm-2:30pm) Transportation to HR Center from Hotel Valet Entrance
(2:30pm-2:45pm) Break
(2:45pm-3:35pm) New Hire Paperwork, HR Recruiting /Employment
(3:45pm-4:30pm) Summer Intern Webpage, Training Team
(4:30pm-5:00pm) Transportation to Education & Recreation Center from HR Center

Day 1: Human Resources (CBL training, Marshmallow challenge, paperwork, badging, uniform fitting, EDR lunch, website/intern page tutorial)

The first day is in the books, and it was great! Our interns began their day with breakfast and a welcoming by Governor Malcolm Montoya. The interns then participated in a presentation about the program by Santiago Montoya. This was followed up by onboarding (paperwork, CBL training, and badging). Training felt that the interns needed a team building activity and had them participate in a Marshmallow challenge. The Interns were later treated to lunch at the EDR and received uniform fitting by Robert Romero and his staff. The day ended with the interns completing their CBL training and participating in a presentation by Andrew Sedillo about the HR website.

Thank you, to everyone who participated! We are looking forward to day two.

Day 2: Education & Recreation Center and Sandia Police Departmentent

Day 2 was a blast! Our interns began their day in the Education and Recreation Center. Here they were introduced to staff and received Summer Food training from Elizabeth Gutierrez. This training provided them with information about food handling and what their involvement Summer Food will be. They were then were taken to lunch at Council Room. During lunch, they participated in a game that required everyone to put their cell phones in a pile. The first person to grab their phone owes everyone Starbucks. After lunch, they visited the police station. Here they learned about different careers in law enforcement and received a tour of the police station.

Day 3: Summer Planning & Golf Course

Day 3 was great. Our interns began their day with a summer planning meeting with Santiago Montoya.  Later they learned about golf course management. They were given a tour of the golf course, the convention center, and maintenance areas. This tour was engaging and eye-opening for our interns. They had no idea how much work goes into keeping a golf course looking nice and successful.

Day 4: Breakfast W/GMs/ Housekeeping/ Front Desk

Day 4 was another busy day for our interns. They kicked off their day with breakfast in the EDR with our general managers. Michael and Juan Carlos shared their experiences in the Casino and Resort industry. After breakfast, our interns were transported to the Housekeeping department. Dorita provided a tour and hands-on training. Here they learned how to strip and make a bed. After learning how to correctly make a bed, we broke the interns up into groups of four and challenged them to make a bed in three minutes or less.  This competition was a blast! Interns were later taken to the Front Desk department. Here they learned all about the front desk, valet, and concierge! Staff happily trained our interns and prepared them to interact with customers and complete various job duties.

Day 5: First Aid CPR Training

Day 5 the interns received First Aid/CPR/AED training by Tamara Clawson. They had a blast practicing on the first aid dummies and each other. Their final test required them to participate in a scenario in which someone has suddenly fainted. They each had to demonstrate that they understand what to do in this situation. They all did a great job and successfully completed their training.

Day 6: Bien Mur/ Marketing/ Public Works/ Health Center

Day 6 was great! Our interns day began at Bien Mur, here they learned about Native American jewelry and art through a store tour. Our interns were then sent to marketing. The marketing team took them on a trip to Printing Press. They got to see how posters, banners, t-shirts, and other forms of marketing are done. They were then sent to Public Works and the Health Center. Public Works gave our interns a tour of the wastewater plant. Here they learned about wastewater and different careers they can pursue. The Health Center took the interns on a tour where they met people who provided them additional information about their occupation.

Day 7: Food & Beverage

Day 7 the interns received the full on food & beverage experience! Their morning began with a meeting with David Kohler. He gave them information about the various restaurants and customer service. After the meeting, the interns were broken up into groups. Groups of two were sent to Kiva Koffee, Roadrunner Deli, Pa Shur Deli, Council Room, and Thur Shan Buffet. This was a great learning experience for our interns. They learned about management, serving, bussing, food safety, working the cash register, and being a barista. They alternated through departments every two hours so that everyone received equal experience at each restaurant. They had a blast but were ready for a nap at the end of the day.

Day 8: MIS

Day 8- Our interns ended their time with us with a trip to MIS. They received a tour of the MIS office, learned about jobs, and saw how work orders were both submitted and completed. They also learned about differences in techs and what they do. They were then given a tour of the banquet room, super suite, large screen in the casino, and the amphitheater. This tour provided them with an insight of what MIS’ role is in events and property tech support.