Environment Department

The Environment Department is the primary Department  for “Responsible management of all environmental issues that affect the Pueblo of Sandia tribal lands ……”

The Department’s work includes:

– the protection of water rights
– the delivery of water for agricultural purposes
– the protection of surface and ground water quality
– the development of wildlife  habitat
– reintroduction of certain wildlife species
– T’ur Shur Bien special trust area co-management activities
– the restoration of the cottonwood bosque
– GIS mapping
– solid waste management
– air quality issues
– dams safety
– drainage planning and grants
– contracts applications and management.

In addition, the Department supports the Pueblo’s various Departments and Enterprises primarily through the GIS mapping, water quality program, UST program and addressing various regulatory issues that arise during planning and development of projects.

The most time consuming activities are administrative due to the funding sources for the various environmental related projects include federal funds and interaction with federal and state agencies.  The Department is a division of the Pueblo’s government.

Despite the Pueblo’s government status, work within the Pueblo’s borders must by law follow certain regulations and approval processes. Navigating through this complex regulatory structure of tribal, federal and state systems is a challenge that is compounded by the growth of surrounding communities.

The Department maintains an administrative office that is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The Department’s work hours vary for field staff with certain staff on call for emergencies.

The Department’s projects are also affected by the presence of endangered species and seasonal conditions.

Environment Director, Jessica Tracy

Environment Department
481 Sandia Loop Bernalillo,
New Mexico 87004
(505) 867-4533
(505) 771-5086 fax