GIS Program

The goal of the Pueblo of Sandia’s GIS Program is to securely manage, maintain and update the Pueblo’s geospatial data efficiently and enforce data integrity. The primary objective is to adopt cutting edge geospatial technology toolsets and modernize the GIS infrastructure to organize and manage all geospatial data with a logical system to move towards building a comprehensive geospatial asset management system. These goals allow the GIS team to track our spatial assets, maintain records and manage an accurate geospatial data inventory. It also facilitates access and data delivery to all authorized users including our non-GIS audience to data that is centralized and secure that they can adopt and use as a Pueblo-wide decision making tool for planning processes.

Technology Solutions Adopted

ArcGIS Desktop Advanced v10.8; ArcGIS Enterprise Server Advanced and Image Server v10.8; Portal for ArcGIS; ArcGIS Pro v2.3; ArcGIS Online; Collector for ArcGIS; Survey123; ArcGIS GeoEvent Server v10.8; Trimble R8s Integrated GNSS System; Trimble TSC3 Controller.

Awards & Recognition


Geospatial Platform

Portal for ArcGIS (Secured Access)

The Pueblo of Sandia Portal for ArcGIS provides easy and secured web access (Chrome preferred) to GIS data for the Pueblo’s GIS users. To request access, please contact the Pueblo of Sandia GIS Program. 

Static Mapping Products

Please contact the Pueblo of Sandia GIS Program.

Contact Information
Tribal Administration Building | Lands Department
GIS Program – 481 Sandia Loop | Bernalillo, NM 87004 | (505) 771-5084